Cooper, Green & Warren LLP, is a public accounting firm and a member of the Canadian and Ontario Institutes of Chartered Accountants. The firm provides accounting services to individuals and private Canadian companies. In addition, the firm will work with multinational corporations on related Canadian companies.


Require an independent audit or review engagement for your business? Cooper, Green & Warren LLP has the experience to complete your audit or review in a timely manner with a focus on accuracy. Credibility and experience are the two crucial traits of this firm.

Estate Planning

Worried about the future generations? If you have a sizeable estate and want to make sure that you are structuring the estate properly to minimize the tax implications for future generations, then contact us. We have extensive experience in ensuring the security of individual assets beyond the current shareholders, or beyond the lifetime of an individual.

Financial Management

The firm provides financial administration services to individuals or corporations with sizeable assets that need either day to day assistance, or an independent representative to ensure that the day to day managers are performing their duties properly.

Property Management

If you have a commercial property, or several and need a firm to manage the day to day financial operations, then Cooper, Green and Warren LLP can help. With over two decades of experience in managing commercial properties, the firm can make sure that you are maximizing the return on your property.

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